What does a weed killer do?

Answer Kills weeds, obviously. Most herbicides that are sold to gardeners are non-specific herbicides--in other words, the chemical solution in the jug or bottle will kill any plant that comes in contact ... Read More »

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Weed killer that does not kill ice plant?

Magnesium Chloride can be used to kill weeds in ice plant. The California Department of Transportation has a document at that says: "Magnesium... Read More »

Does anyone know of a weed killer that is non-toxic to dogs?

I know this sounds crazybut....boiling water. Pour it on at the base of the weed. I have 2 dogs and have that very same concern. I boil a big pot of water and then take a 4 cup glass measuring c... Read More »

Can you combine weed killer and lawn insect killer and apply both to your lawn?

Answer You can, but you might want to check with a garden store before you do because you can cause problems by mixing certain chemicals. They might have something already made for that purpose."A... Read More »

What is the pH of weed killer?