What does a voltage meter measure?

Answer A voltmeter measures voltage difference, or the change in electric potential between two points in a circuit. The electrical resistance of the meter should be high enough so it has no significant e... Read More »

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What does an amp meter measure?

An amp meter, also known as an ammeter, measures the electrical current present in a wire. The current, measured in amps, represents the rate at which the electrons currently move through the circu... Read More »

Does an LCR meter show RMS voltage?

Although LCR meters measure the RMS voltage of the AC signal that they emit, their primary focus is to test impedance, which is a combination of the resistance, inductance and capacitance of a give... Read More »

What does a conductivity meter measure?

A conductivity meter measures how well a solution can conduct electricity. Conductivity is affected by the distance between the meter's electrodes and the temperature of the solution. The meter exp... Read More »

What does a pluvio meter measure?

A pluvio meter or pluviometer measures the amount of precipitation a certain area receives and is typically used for ascertaining the amount of rainfall. Sometimes, a pluviometer is called a rain g... Read More »