What does a turbo timer do?

Answer A turbo timer is a device that can be used to idle a turbocharged automobile. With the turbo timer, the turbocharged car will continue to idle for a set amount of time. Once the time goes off, th... Read More »

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How to Use a Turbo Timer?

If you own a turbocharged car, installing and learning how to use a turbo timer will help your turbo last for many years to come, with less chance of it failing. A turbo timer is a device that is w... Read More »

How to Install a DSM Turbo Timer?

Allowing your turbo DSM time to idle before shutting off the engine will increase the life of the turbocharger. Doing so lets the heated oil circulate out of the turbo, thus eliminating the baking ... Read More »

How to Install an HKS Turbo Timer?

Turbochargers are circulated with engine oil for lubrication and cooling purposes. As the engine and turbo heat up under normal driving loads, the circulated oil becomes substantially hot. If you s... Read More »

Turbo Timer Information?

If you drive a turbocharged car, using a turbo timer could be a great investment toward increasing the quality of the engine. There are multiple types of manufacturers of the device that offer diff... Read More »