What does a truffle smell like?

Answer The truffle is a type of fungi that is used extensively in a number of cooking applications. Generally a truffle has a very earthy smell that is "a combination of musk, nuts, and ozone," according... Read More »

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What does an oregon coast truffle mushroom look like?

Oregon Coast truffle mushrooms are either black or white in color. The black variety is found during the summer. The rare white variety is found during the winter. Oregon Coast truffle mushrooms ar... Read More »

What Does Pot Look Like, Smell Like, Etc.?

The smell is unique... no one on here will be able to describe that. Best thing to do is to google it but if it's already rolled then it will look a little different. Buds are small... buds. Little... Read More »

What does hydrogen smell like?

Hydrogen is an odorless and colorless gas. It was discovered by Theophrastus Paracelsus in the first half of the 16th century, and is the simplest and most abundant of the elements.References:Chemi... Read More »

What does wasabi smell like?

I think it smells a bit like radishesDune