What does a triglyceride level mean?

Answer A triglyceride level is the amount of triglyceride, a type of fat, found in fat cells. Like cholesterol, triglyceride is naturally produced by the body and found in fatty foods. Eating too many cal... Read More »

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Triglyceride level of 1900....... What is up with that?

Go to another doctor and get a second opinion!WITHOUT your regular doctor knowing it!Also without the second doctor knowing about the other doctor's opinion, to get an unbiased opinion!Hypothyroidi... Read More »

Is there any relation between taking sugar and the increase of cholesterol and triglyceride level of blood?

You are on the right track but you will never convince the magpies of conventional wisdom on this site.You can lower your triglycerides in just a few days on a low carb diet, try it for your self.F... Read More »

What is a triglyceride ?

Anyone who has undergone cholesterol testing should be somewhat familiar with the term "triglyceride." Closely associated with cholesterol, triglycerides are routinely measured and monitored to ass... Read More »

What is tallow triglyceride?

Tallow triglyceride refers to the triglycerides that are the primary molecular elements of tallow, which is the solid fat extracted from animal fat and tissue, primarily from cattle and sheep.Tallo... Read More »