If walking inside a train while it's moving, does that mean your going faster than the train?

Answer Yes that is true...just imagine riding a bike off the front of a moving train, you would definitely be in front of the train, at least for a brief moment until gravity slowed you down and the power... Read More »

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What does it mean when a train is defective?

A mechanical malfunction has knocked the train our of service.

What does riding the gravy train mean?

The expression "riding the gravy train" means living a life of luxury, or having a source of easy and plentiful income. The origin of the phrase is from the American slang definition of gravy, whi... Read More »

What does the star on my train ticket mean?

FAO d@dz: No - the Maltese Cross is the symbol for cross-London transfer.The star is there to prevent fraud by having someone fill in the rest of the blanks. Granted it doesn't have much applicatio... Read More »

What does this mean i m getting a rail ticket ( RLWL 5 / WL 2 ) on a train?

The meaning of RLWL is Remote location Waiting List and it is 5 in your ticket and WL means Waiting List and it is 2. The difference between RLWL and WL is if your journey is from place A to Place... Read More »