Which do you prefer the train"Light" on Shinkansen or the train "Hormany" on Wuhan-Guangzhou line?

Answer It depends on where I want to go :-)On the other hand: The Wuhan-Guangzhou line uses trainsets derived from the Shinkansen, so actually the ride should not be too different.

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Have you ever pulled the alarm chain on a train. In order to get a non-stopping train to stop at your station?

What a stupid idea. All you would achieve would be to delay all the trains behind the one you were on whilst the emergency stop was investigated and the brakes reset, a knock on effect which would ... Read More »

I have a set of nathan k3la train horns and i would like to know if i honk back at a train if it is illegal?

Probably not legal in most states. But, it's also up to the individual officer to cite you for it. What is harsh and unreasonable to one may be funny to another. The train crew would probably fi... Read More »

I was travelling by train yesterday and someone decided for some reason to step out in-front of the train?

If I'm right in thinking you were on the National Express East Coast train, you can fill in the form below. As you were delayed for over an hour you're entitled to a full refund.http://www.national... Read More »

As a freight train goes around a curve, is the stability effected by the number of boxcars If a train...?

Get ready to do the rubbing. It makes no difference how long the train is.A train has something called a node point.When you pull on a train the node travels the length of the train and equalizes t... Read More »