What does a tiff compressed mean?

Answer A TIFF (Tagged Image File Format) file stores images such as photographs and graphics used by Adobe Systems software. Because the images often are large, they are compressed, or shrunk, into a TIFF... Read More »

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What does NTLDR compressed mean?

"NTLDR is compressed" is an error message that sometimes appears after compressing the hard drive on a computer running the Windows XP operating system. This error can be fixed by inserting the Rec... Read More »

What does TIFF mean?

The acronym TIFF stands for Tagged Image File Format. A TIFF file is a type of graphics or image file that was developed by Aldus and Microsoft, according to In Windows-based operating s... Read More »

How can I convert from a Tiff (G4) to an uncompress Tiff ?

I'm 99% sure that irfanview will be able to help you. It is a small, fast, freeware image viewer that you can use to open the file, and then save it again to any format you like. http://www.irfanv... Read More »

What is"Nldr is compressed"?

The message "Ntldr is compressed" is a Windows error message that occurs when the system is unable to load the operating system because the boot sector cannot find the Ntldr file, the file has been... Read More »