What does a tax lien on a home mean?

Answer If a tax lien is placed on your home, it means that you neglected to pay a tax debt. The federal government will then collect the debt by way of the lien when your home is sold. The tax lien will t... Read More »

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When a home owners' association forecloses on a lien for delinquent fees does that mean the home owner's property can be seized to pay the debt?

To foreclose means to start the legal process by which the property can be sold to settle the debt or other obligation. The property is sold to the highest bidder. At the auction the association wi... Read More »

What Does a Tax Lien Foreclosure Mean to a Lien Holder?

Foreclosure on a tax lien could potentially eliminate all other liens on the property. The answer depends on whether the lien being foreclosed on is a property tax lien or an Internal Revenue Servi... Read More »

What Happens if You Purchase a Home at a Tax Lien Sale & There Is a Mortgage Lien Owed?

Foreclosure on a tax lien may eliminate the mortgage lien attached to the property, which means you may be able to buy clear title to the foreclosure property. However, the answer depends on what t... Read More »

What does an irs lien mean?

An IRS tax lien grants control of your property to the IRS, according to A lien removes your rights to the property. Your creditors will be informed, and it may negatively impact your... Read More »