What does a stomate do?

Answer Stomate? The only thing that comes to mind is the word STOMATA. IF that's what your talking about, a stomate must be ONE ...stomate....whereas stomata are a pair of stomates..Assuming the above...S... Read More »

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What if your iphone does not answer does not rotate and does not let you get on the internet and you have the gprs service?

No the data won't delete from the iPhone unless you reset everything

What does the letters of FBI mean and what does this agency do?

What does WI FI stand for and what does it mean exactly?

It means wireless fidelity. It is a wireless system with the aid of gadgets like routers to allow people with laptops to access the internet by piggybacking off your computer system.Of course, your... Read More »

What does 31GB harddrive mean Does that refer to the ram size?

It means as of a hard drive 31GB is very small, as the OS will take up about 5GB (lil less maybe) leaving you with practical nothing.Another thing, that CPU is very slow.You get what you pay for, I... Read More »