What does a poinsettia symbolize?

Answer courage in the darkness

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What does the burqa symbolize?

The burqa is a garment worn by religious Muslim women that covers the entire body. It is worn as a symbol of physical modesty. It was mandatory under the Taliban in Afghanistan. Many European count... Read More »

What does the moonstone symbolize?

Moonstones are considered feminine gems that symbolize emotions, fresh starts, strong intuition and correct destiny. Some cultures around the world believe that adorning one self with moonstones wi... Read More »

What does a zebra symbolize?

Shamanism considers the zebra a power animal, symbolizing balance, the ability to see in black and white and maintenance of individuality within the herd. To dream of a zebra, according to the Drea... Read More »

What does the number 59 symbolize?

The number 59 can symbolize a variety of things. Praseodymium, a metal element discovered in 1885, has an atomic number of 59. A score of 59 is considered golf's magic number because it is the lowe... Read More »