What does my dream mean?

Answer I've taken about 5 university Psycology classes, dreams mean NOTHING! Its just a place for you're mind to go when asleep as our brains never just shut off

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What does a star on a map usually mean?

On a political map or a road map, a star indicates the capital city of a country or state. A circle represents a major city. Maps usually have a key or legend that will tell you what the symbols on... Read More »

What does a star or a dot in a circle usually mean on a map?

On a map of different countries, the country capitals are usually marked with a star inside a circle. On a map of the states within a country, state capitals are marked with dot inside a circle, wh... Read More »

What does it mean to dream of spiders and ants?

Sometimes when you hear people talking about spiders and ants or if you see them or see a movie or something on tv about them, you can dream about them.

What does it mean to dream you have a child?