What does a small margin between systolic&diastolic blood pressure mean?

Answer Blood pressure is the force of blood moving through the arteries in your body. When a person's blood pressure is taken, it is measured by two numbers--the systolic pressure and the diastolic pressu... Read More »

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What does profit margin mean?

Profit margin, or net profit margin, is one of many ways to determine a firm's profitability. Profit margin is determined by dividing net profit by revenue, and then multiplying the number by 100. ... Read More »

What does"gross margin"mean?

Gross margin is a financial metric that is used by investors to determine how much of the company's revenue translates into profits. Gross margin is typically expressed as a percentage.CalculationG... Read More »

What does it mean to buy stocks on margin?

Buying stocks on margin is the purchase of stocks through use of the investor's own money as well as money that she has borrowed through her margin account. If an investor has a margin account, she... Read More »

What does buying stock on margin mean?

Buying stock on margin means to purchase shares of stock with borrowed money, usually from a broker. Buyers who expect a stock's share price to increase will borrow funds to leverage purchasing pow... Read More »