What does a sling psychrometer measure?

Answer According to NASA, a sling psychrometer is the simplest form of a hygrometer, which measures relative humidity or the amount of moisture in the air. A measurement of 100 percent indicates that the ... Read More »

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When was the sling psychrometer invented?

The sling psychrometer was invented by Adolph Richard Assmann in 1887. A sling psychrometer is used to calculate the humidity in the air by measuring the evaporation rate and the temperature of a w... Read More »

Who made the sling psychrometer?

The sling psychrometer was likely invented around 1740 by James Hutton, a geologist. The instrument uses a bulb moistened with water to measure the atmosphere's dryness, according to Smithonian St... Read More »

What is the definition of a sling psychrometer?

A sling psychrometer is a type of hygrometer that measures relative humidity. It consists of two thermometers, one of which has a wet bulb that registers a lower temperature due to the cooling effe... Read More »

Earth Science Activities Using a Sling Psychrometer?

A sling psychrometer is an instrument used to measure relative humidity. Relative humidity refers to the amount of water vapor in the air at a given time. You can easily construct a sling psychrome... Read More »