What would be the perfect 7 course meal in your opinion?

Answer Chinese!Won ton SoupFried WontonsEgg RollsSweet'n Sour PorkSoy Sauce or Terriaki ChickenSaifun with ShrimpFortune Cookie :D

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What would be a good name for a "Wine tasting and 4 course meal"?

Let there be wine!Save water, drink wineIt's only a matter of wine

A 3 course meal that I can cook?

Maybe try EnglishStart with a soup.Then 'Bangers and MashThen a dessert of fruit and custard.None of these should be too difficultsee… for video, the full... Read More »

Describe your idea of the ultimate four course meal?

Appetizer: Garlic bread :DSoup/salad: Salad chopped super ine, with mango and parmasean cheese and cherry tomatoes!Main: Vegetarian canaloni, with roast potatoe *droolsDessert: creme caramelcheck t... Read More »

Some medicines ask you to "take with meal". Does that mean taking it in the middle of meal or after?

It means you can't take it in an empty stomach, I used to work in the hospital and when it was prescribed as such we gave the patients a small snack if it wasn't time for a large meal just to keep ... Read More »