What does a second degree crime mean?

Answer Most states provide for a "division or classification of a specific crime," which is based upon degrees of severity, according to The Free Dictionary. For example, a person convicted of committing ... Read More »

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What does second degree child Molestation in Rhode island mean?

§ 11-37-8.3 Second degree child molestation sexual assault. - A person is guilty of a second degree child molestation sexual assault if he or she engages in sexual contact with another person four... Read More »

What does professional crime mean?

Professional crime is when someone uses special skills, experience, methods or instruments to commit a crime while considering the activity to be their basic occupation or as a main or additional s... Read More »

What does unsub mean on the crime shows?

On crime shows, an "unsub" is the person the investigators are looking for, and the term is short for "unknown subject of an investigation." Until the investigators on the show have a suspect or k... Read More »

What degree is needed to become a crime scene investigator?

There is no specific degree needed to become a crime scene investigator, also known as a CSI. Applicants should contact their local sheriff's office or police department to ask about requirements, ... Read More »