What does a screensaver save your screen from?

Answer A screensaver is a program designed to prevent "phosphor burn-in" on CRT and plasma screens. If there was no screensaver and a computer was left on for a prolonged period of time, essentially the l... Read More »

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Can screensaver really save your screen?

I am a student of computer eng. And my teacher say me that screensaver is ok but not good. I mean that if the computer is latest pantium 4,5 its ok and it depent up on instalation. But it is said ... Read More »

How can I make my screensaver go on for longer time-I am in the midde of reading something and the screen save?

Go to: "Start > Control Panel > Display > Screen Saver" from there you can choose after how many minutes you want the screensaver to start.

How to Keep a Screen From Going to Screensaver?

In Windows and Mac OS X operating systems, screensavers consist of animations or images. In older CRT monitors, they were mainly used to prevent phosphor burn-in that damages the screen; however, t... Read More »

Whats your screensaver/screen background pic?