Football Safety Training?

Answer Football is a physically demanding sport. While injuries are unavoidable over the course of a game or even a career, there are ways that an athlete can alleviate the potential for harm. Coaches can... Read More »

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When did American football goal posts get moved for safety?

The NFL moved the goal posts from the goal line to the back of the end zone in 1974 as part of a series of rule changes to speed up and increase the tempo of the game and increase player safety.Re... Read More »

Home safety issues for preschool children or community safety issue?

Girlintheshadows made some good suggestions. I would, also, suggest putting protective covers in plug sockets, safety gates to keep children from falling down stairs or not so safe areas in the hou... Read More »

Is it true that safety helmets,safety belts or air-bags are useless in a high-speed/head-on collision?

Yes, a head-on collision at 55 mph (assuming both cars are going that fast, with a closure speed of 110 mph and both cars weigh about the same and they hit squarely instead of glancingly), will alm... Read More »

What are safety issues working to support childrens health and safety?

I have never been set on fire, but I have been burnt on a stove, and 2nd degree burns from being in the sun too long.2nd Answerer says: Yes, I have.