What does a rose flower give to a honey bee?

Answer When a honey bee goes to a flower, it goes to collect the pollen. This is called mutualism between the two species because they are both helped by their interaction. The bee gains pollen in which i... Read More »

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What does a white flower or rose symbolize?

White flowers or roses symbolize innocence and purity. They also can represent sympathy and reverence, which is why they fill funeral floral arrangements. They also are known as a bridal flower, pr... Read More »

What is a rose of a flower?

a Rose is a flower but im pretty sure there is not a part of a flower called a rose

What Is the Best Way to Clean a Silk Rose Flower Arrangement?

Silk roses appeal to people who love having flowers in their homes every day without the maintenance of fresh flowers. Your favorite flowers are always in season and look freshly arranged when they... Read More »

How to Make a Rose and Honey Mask?

A rose and honey mask is a soothing and elegant facial mask. This mask is suitable for skin types ranging from normal to dry to oily, as the mask is dependent on your addition of liquid that suits ... Read More »