My mom has a question What does it mean to simmer?

Answer To nearly boil. To keep at near boiling heat on a stove.

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What Does This Mean........Financial Aid Question.........?

It is trying to say where you place on a range of places that are ordered lowest to highest that your place on one range is too high to qualify for the other range. You aren't in the narrow limits ... Read More »

What does it mean when a question is starred?

It depends on the question and who answers it. If that person liked the question, found it of great intrest to them or thought provoking for them and others they will give it a star.However saying ... Read More »

Silly question what does Send IM mean?

Its to send your instant message to who you are chatting to but be lazy and just hit enter. lol

This is a dumb question but I am new to computers. What does LOL mean?

Laughing Out Loud and here are some other's you may run into!Chat AbbreviationsAbbreviation Meaning