What does a research plan mean in science?

Answer A research plan is used in science to outline what you want to study and how you plan to accomplish that goal. It helps to focus your efforts and also helps others to understand the thinking behind... Read More »

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What Does it Mean to Research?

Research has many functions for many people. It has led to the cure for several diseases, more knowledge about how families can improve their relationships and uncovered mysteries from the past.

What does it mean to research collaboratively?

Merriam-Webster defines collaborate as working together in an intellectual endeavor. Collaborative research, therefore, is research done jointly by more than one person. The word collaborate comes ... Read More »

What does background&secondary research mean?

Secondary research involves compiling a list or summary of primary research (research that other parties conducted directly) to get an understanding of what kind of previous studies have been done.... Read More »

What does MR mean on a floor plan?

If it's a bedroom or bathroom, it stands for "Master." If it's a small room off of the kitchen or garage area, it means "mud room."