What does a red flag with a diagonal white stripe mean?

Answer A red flag with a diagonal white stripe, often referred to as the diver down flag, indicates to boaters that SCUBA divers are in the water. This allows boaters to remain a safe distance from the di... Read More »

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What does the red stripe mean in the California flag?

Each element of the California state flag is symbolic. The color red in the stripe and the star symbolize courage, the grizzly bear represents strength, the star symbolizes sovereignty and the whit... Read More »

Dark green pill white white stripe and more..?

Just eat them and find out later man, you'll thank me later.

What does blue flag with yellow stripe mean in nascar racing?

The blue flag with a yellow stripe in NASCAR racing lets a driver know that a car may be trying to pass. Slower cars don't have to move over for the leader of the race; this flag just means that a ... Read More »

How to Identify Caterpillars With a White Smooth Black Stripe?

It can be daunting to determine the identify of a caterpillar discovered lurking in your garden if you don't know where to find insect identification-related resources. To increase your chances of ... Read More »