What does a red flag mean in Nascar?

Answer A red flag in Nascar means that something happened on the track that requires immediate attention and all drivers must stop. Typical reasons for a red flag are precipitation, an accident that requi... Read More »

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What does the blue flag mean in nascar?

NASCAR uses the blue flag with a yellow stripe to notify a driver to keep an eye on his rear-view mirror because a faster car is approaching from behind. Race fans will see this flag displayed most... Read More »

What does the black flag mean in Nascar?

In NASCAR, a black flag means that officials have penalized a particular driver for a violation during the race. The flagman will wave the black flag when the penalized driver approaches the flag s... Read More »

What does blue flag with yellow stripe mean in nascar racing?

The blue flag with a yellow stripe in NASCAR racing lets a driver know that a car may be trying to pass. Slower cars don't have to move over for the leader of the race; this flag just means that a ... Read More »

What does the red on the Vietnamese flag mean?

The red background on the Vietnamese flag symbolizes the blood spilled during the war for independence. The star symbolizes the unity of the people, and the points represent workers, peasants, sold... Read More »