What does a red carnation symbolize?

Answer Dark red carnations symbolize desire, affection and deep abiding love. Light red carnations symbolize respect and admiration. Carnations are one of the official Mother’s Day flowers. A bouquet of... Read More »

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What does a red carnation mean?

Red carnations mean charity and love. The red carnation can be used in a bride's corsage, which, if combined with rosemary and geraniums, means love, fidelity and hope. Red carnations can also symb... Read More »

The Significance of a Red Carnation?

A gift of flowers can convey many sentiments, from friendship to congratulations and romantic love. Different species and colors of flowers have come to reflect a wide range of feelings and emotion... Read More »

How many carnation seeds can go in one pot?

Carnation seeds should be planted 1/4 to 1/8 inch deep in the soil and 12 inches apart. The number of seeds that can be planted per pot depends on the size of the pot. If you have a very large pot,... Read More »

Where does the carnation flower come from?

The carnation has been cultivated in eastern Mediterranean countries for over two thousand years. According to Pro Flowers, the flower dates back to at least ancient Greek and Roman times, where it... Read More »