What does a red Bali starfish eat?

Answer The red Bali starfish is a small, bright starfish that adds visual interest to saltwater aquariums. It eats similarly to other starfish by foraging for micro-organisms and detritus. These can be fo... Read More »

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Where does the crown of thorns starfish live?

The Crown of Thorns starfish is found in shallow water throughout the Indian and Pacific Oceans. Australia's Great Barrier Reef has experienced periodic major infestations since the 1960s, to the p... Read More »

How long does bali belly last?

"Bali Belly," or "traveler's diarrhea," typically lasts only a week, though symptoms may begin to improve within one to two days, according to the Mayo Clinic. Symptoms of the condition include fre... Read More »

What Are the Differences Between Sea Stars & Starfish?

Sea stars and starfish are one and the same. There is no difference between one or the other. In fact, educators and marine biologists are trying to teach the general public to call what was once u... Read More »

What timezone is bali in?

Bali is a small island located in Indonesia and a popular tourist destination. The island is in the GMT/UTC +8:00 hour timezone and does not participate in Daylight's Savings. This means Bali is 16... Read More »