What does a random acces memory does/?

Answer RAM Random Access Memory is volatile memory Meaning it only stores information for short periods of time.It holds information for quick access, e.g if you're writing a document in Microsoft Word it... Read More »

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How much random memory does iPad 2 have?

What is random access memory?

Random access memory, or RAM, stores temporary information while a computer runs, allowing you to open and close programs. While hard drive storage will accomplish the same task, RAM operates at a ... Read More »

Is rom a form of random access memory?

ROM is not a form of random access memory. ROM stands for read-only memory while RAM stands for random access memory and can be rewritten. ROM is non-volatile memory because it retains any data sto... Read More »

Who invented random access memory?

Robert Heath Dennard invented random access memory in 1967. Dennard was the first to create and patent the one-transistor dynamic random access memory, or DRAM, which is now used as the standard in... Read More »