What does a psychrometer measure?

Answer Psychrometers are devices used to measure relative humidity. In order to calculate relative humidity, you need both the current temperature and its corresponding dew point temperature at a given ba... Read More »

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What does a sling psychrometer measure?

According to NASA, a sling psychrometer is the simplest form of a hygrometer, which measures relative humidity or the amount of moisture in the air. A measurement of 100 percent indicates that the ... Read More »

What is a psychrometer used for?

Weather prediction requires accurate measurement with specifically designed instruments. An instrument known as a barometer measures air pressure. Instruments known as hygrometers and psychrometers... Read More »

When was the psychrometer invented?

The psychrometer, named in 1825 by German physicist Ernst Ferdinand August, resulted from expanding on Sr. John Leslie's 1795 differential thermometer experiments. Hygrometric instruments measure h... Read More »

When was the psychrometer created?

A psychrometer, known as a cold measurer, uses two thermometers to measure humidity levels in the air. The psychrometer was created in 1818 by an inventor from Germany named Ernst Ferdinand August.... Read More »