What does a pregnant dog look like?

Answer Much like human mothers, canine mothers show several outward signs of pregnancy when they are expecting. A dog's physical appearance changes when she is pregnant.NipplesA change in the nipples is ... Read More »

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What does spotting look like when pregnant?

On One Hand: Signs of Normal SpottingLight bleeding---called staining or spotting---is typically pink, red or dark brown (old blood), and doesn't last long. Its small amount isn't enough to necess... Read More »

What does the fetus look like at 29 weeks pregnant? Good Luck.. All the best.. May god bless u with a healthy baby.

What does the stages of pregnant women look like?

Answer UGLYBut in fact they their beauties in a another way!

You are 13 weeks pregnant what does your baby look like now?

Your baby is actually starting to look like a baby at this point. It is approximately 3 inches long and between .18 ounces and .21 grams. Go here to view a 3D picture: http://3dpregnancy.parentscon... Read More »