What does a pollen grain contain?

Answer Pollen grains are tiny, but each one contains the genetic code necessary to create new life. Pollen is produced by the anthers on the tips of the stamens, the male sex organs of a flower. Here, the... Read More »

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What does a pollen grain consist of?

A pollen grain contains various cells necessary for plant reproduction, including the male gamete. Thus, pollen is analogous to sperm in male animals. Pollen grains must land in another plant's pis... Read More »

What is pollen grain made of?

Pollen grain is a fine to coarse powder which contains the microgametophytes of seed plants, which produce the male gametes or sperm cells. The outer wall of the pollen grain called the exine is co... Read More »

Life of a Pollen Grain?

Pollen is the male gametophyte component used in the sexual reproduction of seed plants. It is produced within the male organ of plants and then is transferred to the female organs of other plants.... Read More »

What Is the Difference Between a Spore & a Pollen Grain?

Spores are used by groups of ancient plants and fungi in one stage of their reproduction. Pteridophyta (ferns) and lycophytes (mosses) both produce spores. Spores grow into intermediate plants call... Read More »