What does a passion fruit taste like?

Answer Tastes like rich, ripe and sweet GUAVA. Amazing aromatic flavor that lingers in your mouth.

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What does the passion tea at Starbucks taste like?

Omg you should taste the Passion Ice Tea Lemonade. I'm serious it's sooooooooo good! and it's one of my fav; my other favorite is the strawberries and creme frap

What does Starbuck's passion iced tea taste like?

Starbuck's passion iced tea taste like crap!

Why does a tomato taste like a vegetable if it is a fruit?

Tomatoes, along with peppers, squash, eggplant and many other "vegetables" are fruits. the definition of a vegetable is: Any plant of which the flowers, roots, tubers, leaves or stems are used as f... Read More »

Does twinings fruit infusions taste like twinings green tea?

If the fruit infusions tasted like green tea, what would be the point in making them?