What does a pap test check for?

Answer A pap test or a pap smear is a test that is done on women that checks for any changes in cells of your cervix. It will allow doctors to test for infection or cervical cancer.Source:Womens Health: P... Read More »

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What does an ANA test check for?

An ANA test, also referred to as an Antinuclear Antibody test, checks for proteins evident in autoimmune disorders. ANA tests are used to diagnose illnesses like arthritis, rheumatic fever and lupu... Read More »

What does the polygraph test check for?

A polygraph test is meant to determine whether or not a person is being truthful. Sometimes called a lie detector test, the polygraph measures changes respiration, heart rate and sweat gland activi... Read More »

How to Check if Steak Is Done Using the Finger Test?

Check for doneness in steak and other meats using "the finger test."

How to Test a Brake Booster Check Valve?

Nearly all of today's automobiles are equipped with power-assisted brakes. The power assist system makes use of an ingenious booster that is powered by the vacuum generated in the engine intake man... Read More »