What does a palm tree seed look like?

Answer A coconut is the seed of one type of palm, a date is another..

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Does the palm tree look like a hand?

What does an African violet seed pod look like?

It looks like a tiny baby green apple, with a long green stem. I'd also compare it to a small green bell pepper looking thing. Its hard to describe, if i were u I'd simply go-ogle search it and hit... Read More »

What does a seed tick look like on human skin?

Ticks have four stages of development: egg, larvae, nymph and adult. "Seed tick" is the slang term for the larval stage. SO a seed tick is not species differentiated.The following link has a pictur... Read More »

What does a fig tree look like?

The fig is generally a small tree, 10 feet to 30 feet tall with a trunk measuring 7 inches or less in diameter. Some species, however, can grow up to 50 feet. Muscular branches with large nodules ... Read More »