What does a palm tree seed look like?

Answer A coconut is the seed of one type of palm, a date is another..

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Is the West African raffia palm tree used for palm wine?

The raffia palm (Raphia hookeri), also known as the Ivory Coast raffia palm or the wine palm, is one of a species of palms of the genus Raphia. Native to West Africa, the raffia palm provides vario... Read More »

How do i plant foxtail palm seed?

The ProcessChoose a dark orange foxtail palm fruit that has fallen off a mature tree. Place the fruit in a bowl of water and allow it to soak for 48 hours. This softens the flesh. Use a paring knif... Read More »

What is a palm oil tree?

A palm oil tree is a species of palm tree native to tropical regions around the world. The name palm oil tree refers to the primary use of the palm tree for oil.SpeciesGenerally, two species of pal... Read More »

How tall is a palm tree?

A typical palm tree grows to a height of from 50 to 70 feet. There are a number of different varieties of palm tree, however, and they vary in height. The Mexican fan palm grows to a height of 100 ... Read More »