What does a nurse manager make?

Answer In 2004, the average salary for a nurse manager in the United States was $72,080. The highest paid nurse managers hold a master's degree or higher certification and work 70 hours per week or more.... Read More »

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What is a nurse manager?

A nurse manager is a senior level nursing professional who directs all nursing care activities within a facility. This includes both patient care and operational duties. In addition to a formal edu... Read More »

Nurse Manager Styles?

There are four main types of management styles that can lead to increased staff motivation, productivity and motivation. Personality and characteristics of individual managers typically are the bas... Read More »

Responsibilities of a Nurse Manager?

Nurse managers ensure the functionality of a nursing team is maintained. This position oversees not only the staff but the facility, program and nursing unit a manager is in charge of. If you're in... Read More »

Associate Nurse Manager Responsibilities?

The Associate Nurse Manager, sometimes called the Assistant Nurse Manager, has significant responsibilities. As members of the hospital middle management team, Donna McNeese-Smith calls them "...hi... Read More »