What does a nurse manager make?

Answer In 2004, the average salary for a nurse manager in the United States was $72,080. The highest paid nurse managers hold a master's degree or higher certification and work 70 hours per week or more.... Read More »

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What is a nurse manager?

A nurse manager is a senior level nursing professional who directs all nursing care activities within a facility. This includes both patient care and operational duties. In addition to a formal edu... Read More »

What makes a good nurse manager?

On One Hand: Leadership CharacteristicsA successful nurse manager will need to have excellent supervisory and leadership capabilities. These capabilities stem from a strong attention to detail and ... Read More »

What Are the Duties of a Nurse Manager when Reporting Negligence?

A nurse manager has a professional duty of care to his patients, and to his colleagues. It is no longer acceptable for a nurse to claim he was following the instructions of a physician--he is now a... Read More »

Responsibilities of a Nurse Manager?

Nurse managers ensure the functionality of a nursing team is maintained. This position oversees not only the staff but the facility, program and nursing unit a manager is in charge of. If you're in... Read More »