What does a notarized document mean?

Answer The term notarized document refers to an important paper with its authenticity and signatures verified by a notary public. Individuals may require notarized documents for any number of financial or... Read More »

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Is a notarized document legal&binding?

A notarized document is not legal and binding upon anyone. A document becomes notarized when an individual swears an oath before a notary that the document is true. The oath itself has legal effect... Read More »

Is a notarized document legally binding?

A notarized document is not necessarily binding or valid. A Notary Public attests that signatures are authentic, but does not examine the document's contents to see if it satisfies legal requiremen... Read More »

Can a notarized document be voided or overruled by a court to negate it?

Does a living will have to be notarized?

A living will does not have to be notarized to be valid, except in three states: Tennessee, North Carolina and South Carolina. You do not need a lawyer for a living will, but you do need two people... Read More »