What does a "noob" mean?

Answer a noob is either a person who is new to a game or program, or just a generally annoying person that everybody hates. For example, if you see a player camping in Call of Duty 5, you would call him a... Read More »

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What is a noob and what does it mean?

What are some good coffees to order for noob?

if you're not into so much sugar,you should order black coffee,and add sugar to your desired taste,i would suggest you to go to your local "Specialty coffee shops",and ask for freshly ground coffee... Read More »

If stomach ache what does it mean also vomitish does it really mean pregnant plz tell me?

1st, in the future please use complete English sentences, it helps get your point across2nd, what you are feeling could be any number of bacteria or viral infections, as well as several medical con... Read More »

How to Not Be a Noob on Habbo?

This will briefly tell you how you can get people to stop calling you a noob. Hopefully it will help you become friends with the "cool" habbos.