What does a non bloody mucus plug look like?

Answer The mucus plug looks just like the mucus from your nose. It can be anywhere from white to yellowish is color and may or may not have traces of bright red blood or pinkish blood.Call your dr to info... Read More »

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Is good sized pieces of yellow mucus like discharge mean it was the mucus plug or could it be due to a yeast infection at 11 weeks?

i would take an early morning urine sample to your docs for investigation Answer YOU HAVE AN STD. GO TO THE NEAREST CLINIC FOR HELP!!!!

Is having bloody mucus from your nose a sign of pregnancy?

Answer No, it's a sign of dehydration. You need to drink more water.Or a sign that you have been picking your nose. Answer Yes, you are dehydrated and many people can get this way during heat wa... Read More »

Is it normal to have a bloody mucus discharge the morning after sex when 39 weeks pregnant?

Answer Sounds like your "show" meaning everythings starting for the birth. Congrats. Answer Actually, it isn't typical to still be having sex at 39 weeks pregnant. The average gestation cycle for ... Read More »

When do you have a mucus plug?

Answer A mucous plug is a protective barrier in your cervex to protect everything above the vagina. It begins to form early in pregnancy and is expelled weeks days before,or during delivery.