What does a newborne baby do when its first born?

Answer Newborns generally take their first breath and cry.

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When a baby is born what do you suction first?

What is it called when a baby is born bottom first?

breech specifically Frank breech - the baby's bum comes out first, and his legs are bent at the hip and straight at the knees with their feet near their ears.)... my brother was born this way and h... Read More »

How big are baby elephants when they are first born?

A baby elephant, or calf, is between 26 and 42 inches tall at birth. It usually weights between 198 and 264 lbs but can weigh as much as 350 pounds. It is born with a short trunk and must use its m... Read More »

Can a baby start school when they are first born in Australia?

(of course dumb) - first answerEditNewborn babies can't go to school. In most countries, children start school at about 5 years old. Some countries start children at school and others at 6 or 7. Re... Read More »