What does a newborn baby weigh?

Answer I was 4.8 when I was born

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If a newborn baby weighs 8 pounds 8ounces how many kilograms does the baby weigh?

If a newborn baby weighs 7 pounds 3 ounces how many kilograms does the baby weght

How much does a diabetic newborn baby weigh?

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How much does a newborn penguin weigh?

Newborn penguin chicks weigh around 1.1 lbs. They have one of the smallest adult-to-chick ratios of birds, being just 1.5 percent of the mass of the adult penguin.References:Cool Antartica: Emperor... Read More »

What does a newborn baby need?

A newborn needs a lot of things: breast milk or formula, warm clothes and blankets, an infant-safe bed, love from another person, and LOTS of patience. For everything else, ask the pediatrician. Th... Read More »