What does a naked body look like?

Answer Undress yourself and go look in a mirror.

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Are you for or against the naked body scanners at airports?

As a nudist, I'm highly in favor of the naked body scanners. We need to get over our inhibitions about our bodies.

What is "polyester jersey mesh", and would it feel nice on my naked body?

wandering thoughts aside, ... ... ..ok, its like a football jersey. id think it would be comfy for you. ive known lots of girls that liked to sleep in jerseys.

I enjoy smearing jam all over my naked body in the summer, but hate the wasps it attracts?

Yer I can only emphasise with you, try peanut butter instead, then if you live in a monkey free environment you should not encounter any problems. Glad to help buddy.

Which is better (Urban Decay): Naked or Naked 2?

Naked 1. I bought it about a month ago as my first high end pallet. Didn't regret it one bit. It is absolutely gorgeous.