What does a mother do when a part of her heart has been kidnapped a way?

Answer Yes ==but there isa more money in not adopting the kid. I would think it over. STATED BY AUTHOR

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How does a father protect his kids from there mother who is abusing them when they aren't divorced yet DCFS is already aware of the mother but no charges have been filed yet?

Answer File charges, kick her out of the house, restraining order for you and the kids, then file for divorce. Restraining order is the key.

What part of a mother does the baby come out of?

What is the cause of chest pains in a 12 year old when heart and lung issues have been cleared?

Which tv episode involves a women who has been kidnapped with her foot broken involving shoelaces?

the actress who plays ZOEY Kruger on Dexter is Christina Cox because i am addicted to Dexter and know everything!! :)