What does a mother do when a part of her heart has been kidnapped a way?

Answer Yes ==but there isa more money in not adopting the kid. I would think it over. STATED BY AUTHOR

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What part of a mother does the baby come out of?

How do i give my heart to my mother?

May Allah (swt) give health to your mother. Aameen.Brother don't lose your heart and patience. Allah (swt) is merciful and has the ability to recover your mother from illness. inshallah.

Why is exercise such an important part of keeping a healthy heart?

Regular exercise provides many benefits to the heart and cardiovascular system. Most health organizations recommend 30 or more minutes of exercise on most days of the week to receive the benefits o... Read More »

Shooting pain in the lower part of my left arm - is this a heart attack?

It is that cervical nerve being pressed due to cervical spodylitis, better to get cardiac clearance call help line immediately. Cannot trust these shooting left arm pain OK. Read More »