What does a micrometer measure?

Answer A micrometer is an instrument used to measure the distances, angles, diameters and thicknesses of solid bodies. Micrometers are known for their precision, and are commonly used to measure to the n... Read More »

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How to Measure Microorganisms Using the Micrometer?

When you're in the lab and looking at different microorganisms under the microscope, you will need to measure them from time to time as part of carrying out an experiment or just in general observa... Read More »

How to Use an ID Micrometer?

You can use micrometers to measure the outer dimensions of parts that are made in a manual or CNC machine. Place the material in between the two rods and turn the thimble to find the outer dimensio... Read More »

What is a micrometer?

A micrometer, also called a micro, equals one-millionth of a meter--100 times smaller than the width of a piece of human hair, according to NASA. Micrometers are often used for extremely small meas... Read More »

What is a micrometer used for?

A micrometer is a measuring device used by machinists, toolmakers, engineers or anyone that requires a precise measurement. Micrometers graduations are in inch or metric divisions. Scale graduation... Read More »