What does a mercury thermometer measure?

Answer A mercury thermometer is a device that measures temperature. Comparing the height of the mercury against a scale gives the temperature reading. Fahrenheit and Celsius are the most common temperatur... Read More »

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Does a candy thermometer&a meat thermometer measure temperatures in the same increments?

No. Dial or standard candy thermometers often have one- to five-degree increments due to the specificity of temperatures required in candy making. Meat thermometers generally range between five- an... Read More »

What does a weather thermometer measure?

A thermometer measures the temperature of the air around it. Modern thermometers use either colored alcohol or mercury in a cylindrical glass tube, which is pushed up and down the tube due to expan... Read More »

What Makes the Mercury in a Thermometer Rise?

Thermometers are really familiar tools. Many people have them inside and outside the house, and can read them from a distance. They help people decide how to dress for the day, as well as help mete... Read More »

What thermometer is needed to measure the heat of water?

Mercury-in-glass or digital thermometers can be used to safely check the heat of water in a child's bath or in a swimming pool. These types of thermometers come in a variety of styles, from the s... Read More »