What does it mean when people say "ill have a martini, dirty.....or martini please....dry."?

Answer First off, a classic Martini is made with Gin, not Vodka. Vodka became popular after the James Bond 007 films, in which Sean Connerry's character ordered his "Vodka Martini, shaken, not stirred."Su... Read More »

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What ingredient turns a dry martini into a wet martini?

The ingredient that turns a dry martini into a wet martini is vermouth. While vermouth is also used in a dry martini, a wet martini has much more vermouth. Vermouth is an aromatic white wine that... Read More »

What is a wet martini?

A martini is an alcoholic cocktail traditionally made of gin or vodka and vermouth in specific proportions, garnished with a green olive. However, there are many variations on this classic drink, i... Read More »

What is an extra dry martini?

Bartenders and drinkers alike refer to the martini as the classic American cocktail drink. Drinkers vary on how they like the drink prepared: some like it sweet and others extra dry. How you prepar... Read More »

What is an apple martini?

Commonly referred to as an appletini, an apple martini is an alcoholic cocktail. It typically is served cold in a chilled cocktail glass and can be lightly golden to neon green in color.HistoryThe ... Read More »