What does a margarita typically taste like?

Answer What an interesting question. My initial answer to this question was simply: delicious.There are many types of margaritas, and thus many different flavors. A traditional margarita includes tequil... Read More »

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What does Rösti taste like?

Rösti is crunchy on top and quite soft on the bottom. It tatse quite patatoey and under the thin dry crust is the quite moist center. There may be additional taste if the rösti isn't plane ( for ... Read More »

What does corn taste like?

What does poop taste like?

When it first enters your mouth, it tastes like very dark chocolate--bitter. Then as you keep eating it it tastes HORRIBLE and mushy and soft--depending on how you pooped. You feel sick afterward.

What does parsley taste like?

The taste of parsley is hard to describe. Some people have claimed it tastes "grassy". However, all that comes to mind to me when describing the taste is "fresh". Flat leaf (Italian) parsley has... Read More »