What does a lump feel like in the breast?

Answer Because breast cancer is easier to treat when caught early, many doctors urge women to perform a monthly breast self-exam to feel for a lump. However, most lumps are not cancerous.How Lumps FeelSom... Read More »

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What does a cancer lump feel like in a breast?

On One Hand: Some Lumps Can Be FeltThe American Cancer Society recommends that women in their twenties perform breast regular self-examinations to promote early detection of breast cancer. When dis... Read More »

My 10-years-old daughter has a lump in here left breast does it mean cancer or just is her breast growing?

I would say boobs, my stepdaughter had the same thing happen to her and her bio-mom told her it could be some sort of infection. It scared her half to death poor girl, I just reassured her that sh... Read More »

What does this lump on my breast mean?

A cancerous lump does not show up red, they are only felt as cells mutate to form a harder section of abnormal cells called a tumor. Note that not all tumors are cancerous nor are they all harmful... Read More »

What do lumps in the breast feel like?

When doing a breast self exam, it is important to know what possible cancerous lumps may feel like and when it may be necessary to go to the doctor for further examination.Breast self examAs a woma... Read More »