What does a low pulse rate mean?

Answer On One Hand: The Good NewsA low pulse rate can mean that a person's heart is very healthy. It is common for elite endurance athletes to have resting pulse rates in the range from 50 to 60 and somet... Read More »

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How does smoking affect the resting pulse rate?

The resting pulse rate is the rate at which the heart beats when a person is awake, but not active. It's a good indicator of general health. Smoking can have a negative effect on the resting pulse ... Read More »

Does alcohol higher your pulse rate?

The term “holiday heart syndrome” was coined in a 1978 study to describe patients with atrial fibrillation who experienced a common and potentially dangerous form of heart palpitation after exc... Read More »

What pulse rate is too low?

A pulse rate below 60 beats per minute is considered to be too low. This condition is called bradycardia. However, the National Emergency Medical Association states that a pulse rate between 40 and... Read More »

If your pulse is over 100, what does it mean?

tachycardia is a pulse higher than 100 bradycardia is a pulse rate lower than sixty this can be anything from being over weight smoking or pure anxiety from you about to be stuck with a needle, no ... Read More »