What does a low body temperature mean?

Answer A normal body temp Orally taken should be 98.6Mine runs a degree low because of my endocrine system being...compromised? In the morning when I wake up it is even lower.Thyroid issues will make your... Read More »

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If a baby breaks out in a cold sweat and drops in body temperature what temperature is too low?

Is it okay if my body temperature is 97.6ºF?

Yes. 98.6 is an average only. I run lower than average.

My body temperature is a constant 94.7 F?

Low body temperatures are far less serious than high body temperatures.A temperature below about 95.0 can be mild hypothermia.As you feel fine you are undoubtedly OK.

Can your body temperature tell you if you're pregnant?

Answer Umm... It could cause it can raise when pregnant, but that could also just mean you have the flu. So see a doctor or take a home pregnancy test.