What does a lily look like?

Answer See the Related Link for pictures of lilies.

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How to Look Like Lily Evans from Harry Potter?

Lily Evans, the stunning mother of Harry Potter and wife of James Potter, sacrificed her life for her only son. Copy her look to get emerald green eyes, creamy fair skin, and fiery red hair.

What does a tiger lily smell like?

it's hard to describe it has a very unique smell to it unlike lilly or lilly of the valley, not a very sweet smell. Best advice I can give is to get a sample of Jimmy Choo's perfume it's a yummy se... Read More »

Does anybody know what a cute back to school makeup look would look like for a 14-15 year old?

well since you're probably going into high school or you're in middle school... i'd go for a natural look so you dont look over done - tinted moisturizer (so you dont look cakey and you have a natu... Read More »

What Does Pot Look Like, Smell Like, Etc.?

The smell is unique... no one on here will be able to describe that. Best thing to do is to google it but if it's already rolled then it will look a little different. Buds are small... buds. Little... Read More »