What does a lily flower need to survive?

Answer Most lily plants need full sun (6+ hours of direct sun) per day. If you are just planting them be sure to water every other day for a few weeks before the sun gets too hot (so you do not burn the l... Read More »

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What is a lily flower?

There are nine types of lilies, including Asiatic hybrids and trumpet hybrids, according to the North American Lily Society. Members of the genus Lilium feature characteristics such as bulbs showca... Read More »

Biography of the Lily Flower?

Lilies populate history. They appear in various Greek and Roman myths and were symbolic in early Christianity. Today, there are approximately 80 species blooming across Asia, North America and Euro... Read More »

History of the Lily Flower?

The lily traces its historic roots back to Biblical times. It's mentioned in the Old and New Testaments in association with chastity and virtue. Historically, both the Romans and the Greeks dedicat... Read More »

Lily Flower Disease?

Lilies are susceptible to several diseases that can ruin your garden display in a very short time. Healthy plants are more resistant to disease than are stressed plants. Keeping your plants healthy... Read More »