What do the candles on the advent wreath symbolize?

Answer For many Christians, Advent marks the anticipation of Christmas and the advent (or arrival) of Jesus' birth. The anticipation starts four Sundays before Christmas and follows until Christmas and, f... Read More »

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What does the Christmas wreath stand for?

The Christmas wreath has significance in the Christian world. The circular shape represents eternity, the evergreen means growth and everlasting life and Christ's crucifixion is represented by the ... Read More »

What does a zebra symbolize?

Shamanism considers the zebra a power animal, symbolizing balance, the ability to see in black and white and maintenance of individuality within the herd. To dream of a zebra, according to the Drea... Read More »

What does the moonstone symbolize?

Moonstones are considered feminine gems that symbolize emotions, fresh starts, strong intuition and correct destiny. Some cultures around the world believe that adorning one self with moonstones wi... Read More »

What does a red carnation symbolize?

Dark red carnations symbolize desire, affection and deep abiding love. Light red carnations symbolize respect and admiration. Carnations are one of the official Mother’s Day flowers. A bouquet of... Read More »