What does"may angels kiss your pillow"mean?

Answer For centuries, angels have been regarded as messengers between God and man. They are also thought to be our guardians and protectors. If someone says "May angels kiss your pillow," they are wishing... Read More »

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What does the idiom"nose out of joint"mean?

If you put a person's "nose out of joint," you upset her with a lack of respect or consideration for personal feelings. You cause offense and irritability to the individual. The idiom originates fr... Read More »

What does it mean when ur nose is crooked?

it's called having a 'deviated septum' and you can either live with it or go see a doctor and have them fix it. lots of guys have nose injuries and never get it fixed, its really not a big deal unl... Read More »

Does X mean hug or kiss?

Signing a letter with X's and O's means "hugs and kisses." X represents kisses in XOXO, and O represents hugs. If you want to send big kisses and hugs, use capital X's and capital O's. For pecks an... Read More »

My dad has lately has been having frequent nose bleeds. What does this mean?

In middle aged and older adults, nosebleeds can begin from the septum, but they may also begin deeper in the nose's interior. This latter form of nosebleed is much less common. It may be caused by ... Read More »